Andrew Menjivar is a director and all around filmmaker who frequently works under the pseudonym Rookie Morgan. In 2011, he made a 3 minute short film titled Who? in association with Inner­-City Filmmakers. The film was screened at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in August of the same year. He then began development on the short film, A Bear Named Teddy, at the start of the 2012 year. It follows the story of a jealous Teddy Bear and his abandonment for a new and better toy by his kid. He then created the short film Beauty and the Cake; the story of two cakes that fall in love at a bake sale. It was Andrew’s first project that featured 2D animation used for the cake’s facial expressions.

Becoming apparent to Andrew that the main characters in his films were devolving, he set his sights for animation once again to unleash his creative mind to create a world of endless possibilities. He currently works at Santa Clarita’s only radio station KHTS Radio as the head of the video operations.