So I have a website now...

Whoa! Hey, I have a website now!

After many years of delay, I decided that it would probably be best if I had my own website to showcase a lot of the work that I've done throughout the years. 

What the goat!? Yeah, you'll get strange updates like this.

What the goat!? Yeah, you'll get strange updates like this.

This blog is titled Behind the Scenes for a reason. One of the most asked questions I get is: "What are you working on now?" Now if that's out of actual interest or just trying to not have an awkward moment and make small talk, it's all here! That's right we have one less thing to talk about man. 

In addition, this blog will also have some vintage oldies....what does that mean? Well they're works that I did waaaaaaaaaay back in the ancient times. Ya know, the works that aren't exactly worthy of being on a reel or showcased, but they're still fun little pieces to watch anyway.

Still Under Construction

Yeah, so the basics are there! I still need add more content in the "My Work" section. Gotta re-cut a reel and maybe even cut work specific reels. If you see something weird or out of place please let me know. Here it's easy to get a hold of me!

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But hey, hopefully that you keep coming back and checking to see what's new!

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