Christmas Lights? I'm Judging You...

It's that time of year, holiday music, an excess of peppermint and Christmas lights. So, I work for local radio station KHTS AM-1220, and this year I was chosen as 1 of 3 judges for our annual Christmas light competition. How did that come about? Well I'll tell ya....

Them: Hey Andrew's a pretty visual guy, he should be one!

And from that moment on I was a judger of Christmas lights. So me and the 2 other judges set off on a journey throughout the Santa Clarita Valley and we found what we thought were some of the best lights.

After touring seven different SCV neighborhoods on Wednesday as part of the 2016 KHTS Holiday Lights Tour, the KHTS Features team has named the top three best decorated houses in the valley, and is releasing tour information so residents know where to go this holiday season.
— Melissa Lampert, KHTS Features Director

What I didn't realize was the huge size of some of these neighborhoods. How does one house compete against an entire neighborhood? Well it was actually pretty hard to figure out. But we had to, and so we did. Here's the video I put together for our holiday lights tour.

Work Credit: Videographer, Editor