My New Years Resolution

Each year, I try to do a year long challenge and this year I decided to focus on improving a skill.

Photography. Well more importantly, the elements that go into make a shot look nice. The composition, the exposure, the color, in an effort to really help be more conscious and creative when it comes to shooting my own stories. 

So I vowed to take a photo or a video clip a day to help improve that skill. I might post the photo or video clip to my Instagram, not always, sometimes I get busy and forget to; however, I do plan to post weekly HERE, yes HERE! At the end of every week, Sunday, I will post the full resolution photo that I took for each day of the week along with my personal favorite for that week. Oooh, maybe I should do a round up of all of my favorites at the end of the year?

Also, there's an addition to my New Years challenge, a food challenge. Ok, some context: Last year, I did this thing where every other month I had a food challenge. Example, one month I was a vegan, another month I tried keto. I always had a month break in between food challenges, so this year, I'm going vegetarian. So far, so good, I've found several vegetarian places that I like, so no craving for meat juuuussst yet. 

Stay tuned for Sunday's wrap up of pictures I've taken.