April Fools Santa Clarita

Back in April, Carl Goldman, co-owner of the radio station KHTS, came up to me with the idea of creating a fake news package for April Fools.

Credit: Editor, Camera

With additional help from: Gilbert Bernal, Daniel Greenberg

The shoot took place over the course of 3 days in several different locations around the Santa Clarita Valley. 

Right on Main St. where the station is located, there are several major constructions going on. We shot close as to not give away too much of the geographical location. There was a major construction happening at the "alleged" source of the hotel so more shots were taken of that.

Finally, our resident reactions were mostly family, friends and interns except for one ACTUAL resident, we kept the question vague, and worst yet I took her response out of context to make it sound like a positive reaction. A big no-no in news, but this was a joke video! 

A classic click bait-y square video was created to create more believability. 

Our joke had an absolutely incredible response on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.