48 Hours Later...

If you are reading this, then I'm alive and I survived the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project. 

It was late and I was tired.

Yes, I directed a film in 48 hours and followed all the way through to the final render. It was intense! And the whole process got documented, the behind the scenes video is coming together and will be out soon! 

Our genre was Martial Arts / Buddy Film. Now the rules for the genre is that you can choose to combine the two OR choose one of the genres. Also required, a character named Ashley Cheevers, a wallet as a prop appearance and the line of dialog "We only have a few minutes"

We decided to mainly focus on the genre martial arts. And, admittedly, when the story was initially pitched to me, I didn't bite. But once our writer pitched us the opening scene, I was sold that this was gonna be a fun experience for us as well as the audience. 

Behind the Scenes Gallery

The Opening Shot

The opening shot both the Writer and I wanted to establish something serious, so it was an absolute brain sync when both I and our Cinematographer, Kate Ketcham, had the same idea for the opening shot. It was going to be a close up of this martial arts instructor and slowly pull out. We used a dolly and had to do a couple of takes to really nail focus, but I think the resulting shot really starts the film out strong. 

The Screening!

Yes, our film is screening along side 15 other short films! If you would like to be a part of the screening event, tickets are on sale now! We are SCREENING GROUP G!


1000 West Olympic Boulevard,
Los Angeles, CA 90015, USA

August 20, 2017


Film Title:
Shady Oaks Takedown


Our official poster, created within the 48 hours by artist Michael Anthony Fonteboa