Moving On!

Our 48 hour film screened last night and people loved it! 

No, really! Our film has been chosen to move on to the audience awards!  

Our film screened first, after the late submissions, and boy was I nervous how the audience would react. To my relief, the audience laughed from the very first line of dialog, and then the theater erupted into laughter on that first joke reveal. A huge sigh of relief. The audience loved what they were seeing! 

I'm so immensely proud of this crew, of this cast! And I'm exteremly greateful that they all gave me a chance to lead them as the director. Our second screening happens this Friday

The Trailer

The Fight Continues...

Our film now moves on to Audience Awards! And we need you now more than ever! Get your tickets now and have a fun evening of films Friday August 25th! Tickets are for the "Audience Award's Special"


1000 West Olympic Boulevard,
Los Angeles, CA 90015, USA

August 25, 2017


Film Title:
Shady Oaks Takedown