Shady Oaks Hits 'Best Of'

Shady Oaks Takedown screened at the TCL Chinese Theater and was nominated in two categories! 

Shady Oaks was nominated for Best Choreography and Best Use Of Genre. Unfortunately, we did not win any awards that night, however to put things in persepective... 

There were 132 groups that registered, only 126 films were turned in, only 19 films were chosen for the Audience Awards, only 26 films were chosen for the 'Best Of' screening. 

Shady Oaks Takedown was listed in the top 19 and 26 films out of the 126 films submitted. You don't need an award to recognize that's an impressive feat! Even more so that this was our first year doing something like this. 

Trailer 1

Trailer 2