A Day In The Life Of LASD Explosives Detection Dog ‘Sstack’

Work Credit: Videographer, Editor, Photographer

Excerpt From The Story On HometownStation.com

When six-year-old LASD detection dog “Sstack” isn’t enjoying time off at his home in Santa Clarita, he’s patrolling the Metro rail systems throughout L.A. County with K-9 Deputy Amy Raniag, searching for explosives using his carefully trained nose.

Raniag and Sstack — whose double “S” indicates he was named after a 9/11 victim — have been partners for almost four years now, living and working together as a K-9 team for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Transit Policing Bureau.

“We start our day at 5 a.m. and we report to the downtown area, where we attend briefing or we just prep for the day,” Raniag told the KHTS Features team at the Newhall Metrolink Station, where the duo boarded and searched several trains throughout the morning. “We deploy out for the majority of the morning while a lot of people are travelling to work and what not, and we just provide this visible deterrence.”

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