KHTS Investigates Canyon Country Road ‘Haunted’ By Teens

Work Credit: Videographer, Editor, Color Grader

Following 2016's popular Mentryville video, I wanted to try and continue that same tv-documentary style and feel, so it was also important to me that I shoot this story in 4K. Although it only took me about a day to put the story together, I shot over the course of 4 days. 2 late night shoots to capture the EVP session and the night sky timelapse was captured on the night of the Orionid Meteor Shower

Excerpt From The Story On

For decades, there have been whispers of a group of teenagers who crashed their car on prom night in the 80’s, never to leave that stretch of road in Canyon Country again.

Some have claimed that the spirit of a girl can be seen late at night at the corner of Sand Canyon Road and Warm Springs Drive, where the car she was riding in with three others was rumored to have struck a tree, killing all four.

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